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ash. fourteen. infj.
tv shows are mainly the cause of my emotional pain. i love music, space and being a nerd.
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it's summer break right now which means more time on the internet c: currently watching:
elementary s1


do you ever get weirded out by the fact that everyone around you is constantly within their own mind and thinking a million secret thoughts and battling internal struggles just like you and that you’re not the only one who thinks these things and that the people around you aren’t just faces meant to fill up your life but they’re actually really deep people who have a lot more to them than you ever actually even think about

Do you ever follow someone and they follow you and you really wanna be friends with them but you feel like you’re bothering them everytime you try to interact with them but they’re just so cool and you’re just like



Why do dudes always wanna know your bra size tho, what are they gonna do, buy you bras?? Cause that would be very helpful bras cost a lot of money i would save a fortune


i’m at the point where watching tv shows i haven’t seen before qualifies as being productive