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tv shows are mainly the cause of my emotional pain. i love music, space and being a nerd.
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going to be in the US (without laptop) from may 1-21! yay!
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arctic monkeys's entire discography!!!


Ashley, Nicole and I have decided to do tumblr awards together! 

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a fanmix for that feeling you get when you read another mix description; characters described in vague terms, girls with power and boys with tragedies; metaphors abound like flowers in a meadow, their petals heavy with rain; i don’t recognize any of these fucking bands

  • me: I'm pretty sure I would marry every single Avenger.
  • obnoxious friend: Black Widow is an Avenger.
  • me: Did I fucking stutter?

To combine is to create; to engineer, divine.

She says, up yours.


*sits down next to you and sympathetically looks into your eyes* i don’t care


Kinga Burza’s Coachella photo diary 2013 gallery - Vogue Australia

(Alexa Chung)

"i wish i had more friends on here" i say as i continue to make no efforts to reach out to others